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With MOON, you don’t just listen to music, you live it. Feel it. From the first note, the experience transcends. Transforms. There is a newfound level of intimacy between you and the artist. That’s the MOON promise: a privileged access to the intention and the purity of sound. The fingertip on the guitar string, the sharp inhale between two notes, the amplitude and impact of silence. You are front row centre to every sound; every sentiment. MOON takes you to the epicenter and truth of sound – to its very soul.

The same intensity is echoed in each exacting detail of the MOON experience. Perfection is sought, demanded; relentlessly enforced. The MOON trademark obsession-to-detail ensures that your first astoundingly authentic sound experience remains equally powerful with every listen. Every year. Every generation.




Smartphones, smartcars, laptops – sound bombards us from everywhere. Sure, it’s easily accessible, but the sound quality on these devices is often muted or distorted, and the products themselves are designed to quickly become obsolete.

That’s what makes the durable excellence of MOON products so reassuring. Thanks to their pristine purity of sound, it’s like a screen is lifted between you and the performer. You are this close. The heartfelt sentiments of the artist reach out to you as if you were standing at their side in studio, or backstage at their show.

This is sound as it was meant to be showcased. At its truest. Delivered to you alone. Deeply personal. And even when the song ends, your emotion lives on. Because with a sound system this superior and reliable, you can revisit that song – and the wonder you felt –  over and over again over the years. That’s the MOON quality promise.

From concept to customer service, the entire team at MOON is dedicated to defying obsolescence. With a 10-year warranty on products, everyone at MOON confidently stands behind everything they make. And they have the pride of knowing that almost all their eco-responsible parts and products are impeccably crafted at Simaudio in Quebec, Canada.

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